elysium solidity ep5 ~ dreams again

Nightly endeavors – elysium solidity, for the first not pre-recorded but live from the Sphere Radio studio in Anger-Crottendorf. Tune in for musings on contemporary ambient, breaky downtempo & dreams!

Sendedatum: 15/11/2023 19:30 - 15/11/2023 21:00

Sprache: Englisch

Sendung: elysium solidity

Tags: DJ-Set Ambient Electronica / Downtempo nachts erwartungsvoll Violett liegend

Tracklist: nightwaif - void/remedies
ben bondy - z line print w huerco s. & pontiac streator
androne - signs of life
mu tate - frank’s hublots
sofie birch & johan carøe - portal of [stroom]
dj bingo - oh my god… (if only he knew)
flaty - upper spell [gost zvuk]
serwed - beroca [west mineral]
buttechno & triš - memory IV 14-160 [psy x]
chantssss - jus woke up w k2dj
effective power - b4
crimeboys - stab joy work [index]
stone - canyon fissure rift
rolf laureijs - meditation [präsenz editionen]
hoodie x james K - scorpio [ad 93]
exael - rotor [soda gong]
flaty - observer ft madteo [gost zvuk]
maara - erotics of betrayal [step ball chain]
rezo glonti - caveman [muscut]
opheliaxz - psyllium