Fiestas del Alto by mamá tora

30.04. 9:30 pm German Time, 4:30 pm Argentinian Time, 2:30pm Mexican Time

The music from the Andes is present at home since I was a small child. With time, I started identifying some very special things in it. It’s cadence, the beauty of it’s slowed down the rhythm, „pulled backwards“, and how this creates a soft, very particular dance.

Also, it’s melodic lines, it’s sound paths that hint at different times, to profound feelings and immensity. I enjoy a lot how this music dialogs with it’s surrounding nature, and with the bodies living and dancing in it, in a simple and sacred way. Every time I listen to it, I feel a strong call to try the same.

In „Fiestas del Alto“ there’s music from Peru and Ecuador. most songs come from the Andes, but others play as well: afroperuvian rhythms which have a very distinct sonority, with a clear African presence. And at the end, a sacred medicinal chant. I hope you enjoy the trip. Big hug, Mamá Tora.


  1. Pan de pinillo – Luis Alberto Sampedro (Ecuador)
  2. Tu ventana – Trio Atahualpa (Ecuador)
  3. Por el valle voy – Luis Alberto Sampedro (Ecuador)
  4. Arpa ayacuchana – Mauro Flores (Perú)
  5. Locas ilusiones – Los Reales de Cajamarca (Perú)
  6. Orquesta Ritmo Andino de Huasta (Perú)
  7. La proforma – Dina Paucar (Perú)
  8. Que lindos son tus ojos – Dina Paucar (Perú)
  9. Rosaura – Isaura de Los Andes (Perú)
  10. La Tía Concolón, La Aveja, Mayoral – Lucila Campos y Oscar Aviles(Perú)
  11. La Chismosa – La Nueva Gran Banda Nro 5 Bernal, Piura (Perú)
  12. Mix Nacionales – Banda Patrimonio Pujilense (Perú)
  13. Avecillas – Jatun Cayambe (Ecuador)
  14. Bonita guambrita – Luis Alberto Sampedro (Ecuador)
  15. Melodía – Los Jaraneros de Puquio (Perú)
  16. Delfin – Shipibos Chamanes del Amazonas (Perú)

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