Stanitzel mit Schlag #24 w/ Elias Agogo

TSCHUU! TSCHUU! The disco train is arriving in Leipzig today with the one and only Elias Agogo. He is a fabulous music being and works his magic as a DJ, Producer and member of the wonderful band Sea Moyaa. Get ready for some carefully selected Oakland/ Bay Area Tunes and melt away by his sweet announcements. Truly Elias is the radio host, we all want to be.
We are also celebrating the anniversary of Stänzel taking over our artwork. Sänks for giving our Stanitzel a new purpose for every episode. Can´t wait for the next 12 versions

Sendedatum: 21/04/2023 19:30 - 21/04/2023 20:30

Sendung: Stanitzel mit Schlag

Tags: DJ-Set Classic Disco abendlicht amüsiert Gelb tanzen