Stanitzel mit Schlag #5 Tillary & Depp (cheat edition)

This episode is a bit of a cheat. We came up with several excuses, but if we’re honest, we kind of forgot about them. But we don’t come empty handed….

Kicking things off is Tillary with a 60 minute feel-good disco mix from Brazil to the Caribbean across the Atlantic and back including gusts up to 10 Beaufort. All vinyl.

Second up is Depp Blatter with a mix he did over the winter for Isolation Sounds. Isolation Sounds (good) is a podcast series curated by Kira Mirella about expressing feelings through music during the pandemic.

Next month we’ll be back with something new


Sendedatum: 18/06/2021 20:00 - 18/06/2021 22:00

Sprache: Englisch

Sendung: Stanitzel mit Schlag

Tags: DJ-Set sonne aufmerksam Grün duschen tanzen