TEH #95 LIVE ON AIR #5 – Fostering healthy work conditions for cultural and creative professionals

Introducing PENGUIN project – a cooperation in-between Die Bäckerei
Kulturbackstube and TEH Network – a project enabling cultural workers
to build sustainable working environments.
75 minutes of focusing on mental health of creatives, addressing tools for
individual reflections, discussing importance of structural change in work
settings, sharing experiences, stereotypes, hardships and expectations
within the TEH community.
Keeping in mind the important question – How do we keep our spark
alive working in independent cultural centers, while facing numerous
challenges, such as unsupportive political constructs, long and late
working hours, low pay ratio, gender discrimination and unstable work/
free time distinction. How can new priorities, policies, actions and financial streams better address this issue?

Florian Cope-Ladstätter
Penguin Project, Die Bäckerei Kulturbackstube
Gerard Lohuis
Katarína Živanovič
Creative Center Nitra
Kaspars Kondratjuks
Kanapees Kulturas Centrs

Baiba Dekena

Sendedatum: 09/06/2023 13:00 - 09/06/2023 14:20

Sprache: Englisch

Sendung: Trans Europe Halles #95 Live ON AIR: Building bridges through transnational dreams

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