TEH #95 LIVE ON AIR #9 – Women in action

Although the gender gap in culture sector finally narrows, reaching it’s lowest (51% male and 49% FLINTA) in year 2021, the discussion is far yet over. Only approx. 22% of musicians and producers are female, a tragic quota that can only be narrowed by common efforts on various organizational and political levels.

With the experience of TEH community and its members and representatives we invite you to discover the beneficial effect of feminine energies in the cultural region & to discuss burning issues, inspirations and praxis.
As cultural workers how do we see the development of the feminist  activism and what challenges do we still have today? What solution based  actions can be implemented? Do we still need a feminist introduction? How should activism be introduced today and what did it mean 40 years ago – especially by establishing the TEH community? What is the gender quota in various organisational levels of cultural institutions? Do we still have to fight for our rights?

Together with guest speakers we wish to share the expertise, possible  tools, raise awareness, inspire and most of all challenge patriarchy. Introducing such topics as Women Power in Comics in the Eastern European and Balkan region and why Latvia has the highest index of female CEOs among EU member states.

Astrid Exner
WUK Werkstätten- und Kulturhaus (AT),
Annabelle Jung
 fem*vak (D),
Sigrid Niemer
Karmen Otu
Aparaaditehas (EST),
Márta Ladjánszki
Bakelit MAC,  L1 Independent Artists Association of Public Utility (H)

Baiba Dekena


Sendedatum: 09/06/2023 17:55 - 09/06/2023 19:10

Sendung: Trans Europe Halles #95 Live ON AIR: Building bridges through transnational dreams

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