The Danced & The Dance: Sacred And Profane Celebration Music From Indonesia

30.04. 17:30

The first part of the broadcast is a mixtape of Jaipong, Oodong odong, Kliningan and Barongan music mainly from Java called „The Danced And The Dance“. These genres of music are played during weddings, circumcisions, temple anniversaries and local village festivals. All of them are related to specific types of dance and performances with strong spiritual backbones. The music in this mixtape was ripped from old indonesian cassettes from the independent markets found on dedicated indonesian websites. The mix was compiled by Luigi Monteanni and originally released on Communion on tape format.

After the mix, you can listen to an unreleased thirty minutes of réak music recorded by Luigi himself in Bandung two years ago. The audio features part of a wider field recording documenting the first official réak contest ever organized, where groups challenge themselves to offer the judges and audience best musical trance performance, competing for the first prize. In this paradoxal recording, the secular meets the sacred in a confusing and fun mess of percussive interlocking patterns, piercing reeds and raw tunes from the Paris of Java.

Sendedatum: 30/04/2020 17:30 - 30/04/2020 19:00