It’s difficult to talk about sound. When we close our eyes and listen, there are no boundaries and as such, what we feel can often not be described with the words we know. Our feelings are unique & different.

There is no word or genre that unites the artists of the label. Putting a word on a style, in order to classify, takes part of the magic away. Instead, what unites us is our passion for sound, dancing with friends and growing together.

Continuing with this same philosophy we present our show WAVES FROM and our 14th episode from Arigto.

Words from the artist about the set, “Ryūichi Sakamoto was the only artist or even the only person which we could call our role model for many years. Not only his music but also his ideas, character, and humanitarianism were quite inspiring. In this mix, we collected some of our favorite Sakamoto tracks and closed the mix with one of our favorite Bach pieces, which is also part of the playlist which Sakamoto prepared for his own funeral.

Music is still very fun to us, but with the passing of Sakamoto and Jóhannsson, two important artists are missing. Both of them used to push music into new and interesting directions, without losing any emotional expression and heart.”

Hope you enjoy this journey through sound waves and wishing you much love,



Sendedatum: 29/06/2023 21:00 - 29/06/2023 22:00

Ort: Berlin

Sprache: Englisch


Tags: DJ-Set Ambient Classical Electronica abends verwundert keine Farbe fliegend