Zena Kollektiv presents Xayíde #2


Xayíde is originally a dark magician out of „The Neverending Story“ from Michael Ende. She is able to control everything empty and is created by the protagonist Bastian Balthasar Bux in order to his wish to be dangerous and powerful. Our phantasy is able to create so many things and we can fill them with dreams, wishes and thoughts. So is music.

The artist Xayíde (she/her)  is creating a slow but powerful sound in which you can float and dream away for
a while. Or just dance in the moment.
Currently based in Hanover (Germany) she found her passion for mixing in Heidelberg close to the
Zena Kollektiv with Familie Fuchs. QENEM is one of her projects in Hanover to connect and support FLINTA*-DJs and producer.

Sendedatum: 16/10/2021 21:00 - 16/10/2021 22:00

Ort: Heidelberg

Sprache: Englisch


Tags: DJ-Set mittags herzenswarm hingebungsvoll neugierig keine Farbe fliegend tanzen

Tracklist: • Canis Anthus – Tempura the Purple Boy
• Twisted Mind (Antaares Remix) – Katabtu
• Matches (Maugli Remix) – Rapossa
• Gmork – Christian Hülshoff
• Theresienstraße 2 (Original Mix) – Mytripismytrip
• 1985 (Original Mix) – Hvitling, Kapoor
• Steppen Dream (Kusht Remix) – Kalaha Moon
• Nock (Noema Edit) – Wilde See
• Drippin – Coss
• Karfunkel – Yolanda Frei
• La Resistance – Kapoor & Sander
• SF (Original Mix) – Zoe Reijue