Oh No Noh Radioh

“Oh No Noh” ist das Soloprojekt von Markus Rom. Innerhalb von “Oh No Noh Radioh” setzt er sich mit experimentellen Konzepten des Musikmachens auseinander. Im musikalischen Dialog mit wechselnden Gästen aus der experimentellen Szene entstehen Klangkollagen, kombinierte Musikstücke und Improvisationen.

Island Time Radio #6

This is a mix of Bachata music of the late 80/90’s. This genre of music originated in the Dominican Republic and it’s a type of tropical-folky blues, with a heavy emphasis on songwriting. The themes sang, are typically about heartbreak, a lost love, or betrayal. These are ballads, sung with deep emotion against the backdrop of highly skilled guitar playing.

I chose specifically this timeframe because, to me, the sound is the perfect blend between traditional guitar playing and the introduction of electronic synthesizers & drum machines. I grew up listening and dancing to many of these artists at backyard bbq’s, holiday parties, and family events. Enjoy!


Lager 2 Sessions

Diese Woche habe ich vier duo Sessions mit Fabian Adams geremixed. Zwei der Vier Stücke bleiben unbearbeitet. Die anderen beiden wurden durch die elektrische Mangel gedreht.
Wie immer gibt es die Veröffentlichung auch in top Qualität auf unserem Bandcamp

Poetic Capsule # 2 “Fantasía Wirikuta”

This second Poetic Capsule is a fantastic pilgrimage to the North of México. We travel to Wirikuta the sacred Desert Lands of  the Huicholes. Guided by them and their ancient knowledge, we will be their companions in the search for Sacred Wisdom. A small imaginary inner journey to honor the great teachings of the Hikuri.

Vamos amigos,

Lager 2 Sessions #6

This Weeks show features a longtime project of mine called Radial Engine. It features Fabian Adams on Saxophone, Tobias Fröhlich on Bass and myself on Drums und FX.
If you want to support the musicians, all releases are available in prestine quality Bandcamp

4uurtje w/ Hanne r, eerie_ear & Flshmkr

A ‘vieruurtje’ is what Flemish people call a snack one eats at 4 pm, usually something sweet. In folk wisdom it’s supposed to be healthy for kids, though its benefits seem to be forgotten by most adults.

4uurtje was a monthly get-together hosted in Rotterdam, a four-hour listening session with shared silence and snacks. Since social measures don’t allow us to get together again, 4uurtje goes online. The idea stays the same: with heartwarming treats we gather around the latest musical epiphanies.

This time Hanne r will bless us with a mix!

Present again, and hopefully lag-less, will be eerie_ear and FLSHMKR, whose live(ly) visuals may swallow you up without spitting you out. Glitched and coded, this is a true trip for the screen-bound isolator.

Tune in at any time from 5 pm and make your Sunday that extra bit more special.

Island Time Radio #6

This edition covers some of the Hindustani musical traditions throughout the Caribbean countries of Guyana, Surinam and Trinidad & Tobago in the 70s and 80s. Most notably the fusion genre of Chutney, with Kaseko, Calypso, Disco, mixed in with odds and ends psych and devotional folk strands flowing throughout.


Pan Assembly – Baat Ban Jaye
Sin Rambaran – Awo Mere Jaane Man
Djai and The Indian Rockets – Mané Jah Na Mané
March – Djiewen Saadj
Asha & Iwan – Diel Le Ke Bhaga
Mookraj Sahadeo – Marijuana
Pandero – Smokko Mang
Sammy Baksh & Barbara Sookraj – By My Side
Tjaan Sardjoe – Bolobaba
Cynthia and Family – Belema Gaji Pardiswa
Harry Panday – Love Your Mother & Father
Soesita Orie – Sham Sohanie
Shanta Ramkissoon – Saalgirah Mere Lal Kie Ayee
Romeo Dunk – Bholie Nanie Ho
Nasiem Niamut – Jaa Meri Bitya Rani

Hackeando el Género vol. 2 . Live Coding by Mitzi Olvera at Mercenarias del Fango’s VR concert

Mitzi Olvera uses Sonic Pi to produce her music and is a Mexican live coder.

Mitzi is part of Híbridas y Quimeras, a collective that seeks the dissemination of experimental music made by women, in safe and discrimination-free environments to freely socialize our sound practices and reach mutual learning. The aesthetics of what is presented is mainly, but not exclusively focused on, electronic noise. “Hybrid chimeras” will present a series of shows which protagonists will be (mainly) Latin American female musicians’ commented sound pieces through a brief interview in which they will explain how they work, what tools they use, and their ideas on the experimental music scene.


Lager 2 Sessions #5

This week features no input mixing board explorations by Lager 2 residents Arthur Kohlhaas and Jan-Einar Groh.

As always, if you want to support Lager 2 check out the Bandcamp page bellow

Adapting to Complexity 1 w/ Justin

Adapting to Complexity is a radioshow that examines various ways in which sensitivity and complexity can intertwine in a sonic context and explores how an auditive approach to degrowth and composting might look like.