About Us

Sphere Radio is a multidisciplinary collective based in Leipzig, Germany. Firmly rooted in the local creative community, we’re aiming to strengthen the exchange between musicians, cultural organisations and other groups, both locally and internationally through our online radio station. We set out to facilitate collaborations within and well beyond its city, supporting an independent cultural network of artists and creative minds, making their know-how and energy accessible to all. Through both a live stream and public archive, Sphere Radio broadcasts and documents the events, voices and initiatives that shape the current state of the network.

The platform serves as a central node for network communication, offering air time to share open calls and ideas. By integrating non-musical projects concerning fine arts, cultural politics and educational themes, the aim is to strengthen the interaction between communities, giving a voice to different opinions in our network. This way, Sphere Radio aims for support and participation rather than passive listenership. With the station as a backbone broadcasts are possible wherever an internet connection is available, allowing  free collaboration with any given entity, bringing the music and knowledge of the outside world to our public platform and the attention of the listeners. 

The listeners’ experience is central to the radio. Through a modular system the livestream will provide the opportunity to enable city-specific information, such as cultural news and announcements. Furthermore, live broadcasts can be restarted, so you can catch up immediately after missing the start. Importantly, the programming is structured entirely around the daily phases of Central European Time. The ever-growing archive can be navigated through a variety of filters such as genre, mood, color and other aspects. Through personal accounts, listeners can create and share playlists, as well as filter their timeline according to their preferences. 

Free of the bureaucratic and corporate constraints inherent to classical radio, Sphere Radio creates a low-threshold entry into creative participation. In addition to creatives, the station will also to provide access to and information about radio to children and young adults. The aim is to initiate collaborations with schools and socio-cultural centers in order to better understand the community-specific needs that radio can address. 

Starting from Leipzig, a city with a wealth of open spaces, low living costs and creative freedom, Sphere Radio offers a platform for interdisciplinary exchange on an international level. By giving shape to a network that includes culture-oriented institutions and organisations across sectors, a direct exchange between high culture and subculture can be fostered. With stronger links across and between communities, Sphere Radio works towards making public resources and urban spaces available to a wider community. After all, a connected city is a healthy city.