1h NDW - New German Wave and its history. On a monthly base with Lea and Sophia (Zusammen sind wir Disko)

Musical Sunday snacks by Linus B and guests

Auditive approach to degrowth and composting by Justin

Because who is digging the excavation hole so late? That is Bodo with the excavator and he is still digging.

Phantastische Geschichten von vergangenen Zeiten,  Unglaubliche Sagen, Märchen und Träume… by Lippstueck (Literatur für Kinder und Jugendliche)

Donnerstags 19 Uhr live Kochshow mit Lena & Lisa und  Freia & Ariana (De.)

A bi-weekly show of Brasilian and Afro-Brazilian boogie music by Gustavo Veiga

Mo-Fr ~9:40 Uhr Vogelsendung mit Lisa und Paula (De.)

CLUB HITS bringt Ihnen nur das Beste, gehostet von Ihren Stimmen Ihrer Wahl - Marian und Sina. Hits aus dem internationalen Untergrund gegen Trash von oben.

A show about ploppen, music and life by Yolanda Kylombo, Klaus Plötzlich and Guests

A series of podcasts based on the experiences of a mother and child cure, which unconditionally addresses the worries and longings, doubts and struggles of women.

"fiestas del Alto" is a journey through the different sonorities from the Andes.

Hybrid and chimeric music made by Latin American women

Alexander Coppola shares with us his passion on researching certain streams of music from Africa, Latin America and the Carribean without limitations on genre and periods.

kaltlesen is a weekly radio show (wednesdays 7:30pm) by students of the HMT and HGB Leipzig, in which we read texts by Anton Čechov and discuss them with our guests and listeners afterwards.

Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques, ...

Musik von improvisations- und sound orientiert arbeitender Künstler*innen in Leipzig

NEUE REIZE transmits alien sounds from far beyond and close to earth, triggering novel experiences for a disparate future.

Reading Sessions by Aiko every Wednesday 9 pm (ger.)- Aiko reads and sometimes speaks with guests about the topic " The world after"

Looking into experimental concepts within a musical dialogue with changing guests.

Pandemonia ist eine wöchentliche Feature-Reihe jeden Mittwoch 20:30. Ein kollektives Tagebuch mit Momentaufnahmen, Sprachnachrichten und Telefongesprächen.

Pingipung, the nice record label from Hamburg, started a monthly series of leftfield DJ-mixes in 2010. Sphere Radio broadcasts the whole archive.

A show by Katha about new releases, musicians and locations

Talks in the neighborhood. Offer for telephone calls on the radio (Ger.) Presented by Samantha Gorzelniak

Music with lots of feeling and rhythm from past decades. Our musical guests and us will take you on a journey to space by crate-digging our way from jazz and soul, blues and funk to dub and disco, from new wave and house to hip hop, RnB and beyond.

Pico y Pala! Pico y Pala! Pico y Pala! Pico y Pala!

This show’s sweet spot is about music for kids and adolescents alike - by Tim Rosenbaum.

The feminist Vomens Bar from Leipzig from now on monthly digitally - Cheers!

text and music with DJ CARING