Grains of Peace – Fundraising Marathon for Ukraine w/ 20ft Radio

20ft Radio has launched the Fundraising Marathon for Ukraine called GRAINS OF PEACE.

For a week, musicians from Ukraine and foreign DJs played on Kyiv-based 20ft Radio website their calm and peaceful mixes. You could hear both niche Ukrainian artists and diggers as Anthony Junkoid, Nikolaienko (Muscut), Mlin Patz, Bryozone, DJ Snork, Andrey Kostyukov, Dubmasta, Vvanya Samokrutkin (СИСТЕМА) and many international artists such as Biosphere, RAMZi, Aleksi Perala, Call Super, Elena Colombi, Heap, Yu Su, Legowelt, DJ soFa, Markey Funk and more.

On April 7, from noon to midnight, GMT+3, you will hear music from Ukrainian artists only at the different online radio stations around the world.

We believe that music can provide emotional support and healing, can be an informational shelter and recreational oasis, especially in times of war.

Radio list includes:

Lahmacun Radio
Newonce Radio
Shared Frequencies Radio
Radio béguin
DIA Radio
Radio DY10
Le Protocole Radio
Cashmere Radio
Retreat Radio
Mutant Radio
Radio Kapital
The Lake Radio
Clyde Built Radio
Sphere Radio
dublab radio

The goal is to raise money for Ukrainians who suffered from the russian aggression. 100% of all the money raised will be transferred to trustable funds who provide humanitarian assistance:



Except guns and bombs, the main weapons of the enemy are fear and anxiety. They poison
our thoughts, destroy our strength and oppress our hearts.

We believe that music is an instrument of peace, a medicine, which power can be felt
by everyone and can help to find faith, hope and peace in this world again

We invite artists and music lovers from all over the world to sow Grains of Peace to
support the spirit of our country, fill souls with light and fill the future with meaning

Listen to Ukrainian music and donate to help the strong people of Ukraine:


20ft Radio is an independent Kyiv-based online-radio that broadcasts music from the port
container at the former ribbon-weaving factory “Strichka”. Since 2017, we have recorded
over 2,500 mixes in various genres and moods.


Mixes/ Descpription:


Grains of Peace – Fundraising Marathon for Ukraine w/ 20ft Radio


11:25 – Ivan Tkalenko


Spectral enchantment played on a traditional Ukrainian instrument, a bandura – strings of unfading light and sunny baroque-ambience from an outstanding Ukrainian composer


12:00 – Anthony Junkoid: Poklyk Khymery


Selections from the wonderful heritage of musical Ukraine – from blissful art-rock to melodious electro-ballads – Поклик Химери III (Chimera’s Call III) by Anthony Junkoid – host of Unaussprechlichen Kulten show on 20ft Radio.


13:00 – Bard Bardetski: Ukrainian Psychedelic Pop


“Ukrainian Psychedelic Pop” w/ Vitali Bard Bardetski re-opens the lost & forgotten magic of the ukrainian pop-scene gems from the 70’s performing in the mostly unexpecting & wide-ranging variety: kaleidoscopic funky instrumentals and sensual ethno-fusion stompers, groovy big-beat hooks and delicately swinging lounge cuts strictly from the Carpathian hills – gorgeous tunes enhanced by the splendid ukrainian melody carefully selected by the author from the archives of vynil rarities & sounds as shiny sound-voyage passing through the colourful wonders from the colourful wonders from the golden era of ukrainian pop-music…


13:50 – Nikolaienko


Noisy storytelling, microtonal jazz drone and analog hauntology – selected sound magic from the head of the Ukrainian label Muscút, consisting of compositions by Ukrainian artists from the label’s latest charity release


14:55 – Mlin Patz


Home audio sketches from one of the members of the dub-surf trio Chillera. Unreleases, live and field recordings, radio noises and looped dub-not-dub improvisations – a relaxed and wonderful trip to the seaside bedroom districts


15:40 – Pymin


Healing musical radiation, distant chirping of solar birds and the heavenly garden of binaural pleasures – celestial compositions of amazing tranquility composed by a Kyiv producer and musician


16:35 – Lostlojic


Deep-2-step, atmospheric electro and ambient breaks from only Ukrainian electronic producers in an elegant mix from the head of the Mystictrax label – an astral cascade of musical experiments in outer space, assembled by one of the most active enthusiasts of the local scene, into a spectacular constellation


17:35 – Tofudj


Essential listening of eхреrimental music from local Kyiv electonic-heads – jacky tunes & sticky beats, murky sound & quirky production selected & mixed by one & only Tofudj


18:35 – DJ Snork


Trickster leftfield electronics driven in foggy production by the founder of the ejekt imprint – archive unreleases in ninja-style out-house, screwed beats & lo-fi ambience in 128 kbps


19:30 – Vvanya Samokrutkin


The boss of the creative platform СИСТЕМА/SYSTEM from Odessa with an abstract mix of music releases from his own label – uneven glitch drawings, deconstructed free-electronics and fragmented sound art, mixed in a bomb shelter


20:30 – Ihor Yalivec




Live recording from a sound artist from Dnipro, founder of Gamardah Fungus and Submatukana bands – abstract emotions, deep immersion and meditative rhythm, which was recorded with eurorack synths, granular samplers and field recordings.


21:00 – Andriy Kostyukov


Music specially created for Grains of Peace by one of the most promising electronic producers in Ukraine; in his musical program – hand-crafted grotesque IDM, multi-layered sound art experiments and unexpected ethereal drone


22:00 – que


A sterile cleansing of your spirit from the maestro of massive minimalism and member of the Biorhythm radio team


23:00 – TET


Drawling voices and slow thoughts, space shadows and shimmering highlights, the recent past and the near future are voiced by emotional ambient electronics from Ukrainian musicians in an impressive set that was recorded live in September 2021 at Radio 80k in Munich by TET


Ort: Kyiv

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