Island Time Radio #6

This is a mix of Bachata music of the late 80/90’s. This genre of music originated in the Dominican Republic and it’s a type of tropical-folky blues, with a heavy emphasis on songwriting. The themes sang, are typically about heartbreak, a lost love, or betrayal. These are ballads, sung with deep emotion against the backdrop of highly skilled guitar playing.

I chose specifically this timeframe because, to me, the sound is the perfect blend between traditional guitar playing and the introduction of electronic synthesizers & drum machines. I grew up listening and dancing to many of these artists at backyard bbq’s, holiday parties, and family events. Enjoy!


Pingipung Podcasts #01 Kumulus – Heiko Gogolin

Let’s go in the past! We start from the beginning.

Pingipung Podcasts

Listen up, it’s Pingipung. A nice record label from Hamburg, releasing music since 2002. Artists include Anadol, M.RUX, Sven Kacirek, F.S.Blumm, Umeko Ando, Hey-O-Hansen or label co-founder Andi Otto. To fill in the gaps between releases Pingipung started a monthly podcast series of DJ-mixes in 2010 that quickly gained a reputation on its own. The Pingipung Podcasts can be heard on Sound Cloud…and now on Sphere Radio as well. The episodes are rounded off by past releases of the label.

4uurtje w/ Hanne r, eerie_ear & Flshmkr

A ‘vieruurtje’ is what Flemish people call a snack one eats at 4 pm, usually something sweet. In folk wisdom it’s supposed to be healthy for kids, though its benefits seem to be forgotten by most adults.

4uurtje was a monthly get-together hosted in Rotterdam, a four-hour listening session with shared silence and snacks. Since social measures don’t allow us to get together again, 4uurtje goes online. The idea stays the same: with heartwarming treats we gather around the latest musical epiphanies.

This time Hanne r will bless us with a mix!

Present again, and hopefully lag-less, will be eerie_ear and FLSHMKR, whose live(ly) visuals may swallow you up without spitting you out. Glitched and coded, this is a true trip for the screen-bound isolator.

Tune in at any time from 5 pm and make your Sunday that extra bit more special.

Island Time Radio #4

pensé este mix como un viaje por África, o más bien algunas partes de ella, que es para mí la madre de todas las fiestas, como un arcoiris sagrado. me gusta ver las distintas sonoridades retumbando en el cuerpo. cada ritmo, cada calidad, resonando en nuestros bailes, despertándolos. dejar que cada uno actúe y abra paso a las infinitas formas de celebración. me gusta permitir que pase y me gusta invitarlxs a ustedes. abrazos! mamá tora

I conceived this mix as a trip throughout Africa, or actually through some parts of her, who is for me the mother of all parties, like a sacred rainbow.
I like to see the different sonorities reverberating in the body. Each rhythm, each quality, resonating in our dances, waking them up. And to let each one act and open up the way to the infinite forms of celebration.
I like allowing it to happen, and I would like to invite you.

Big hugs !
Mama tora

Walhalla Telekolleg

Music – A broadcast by Ober Mannkind
#1 First Episode

Das Auftauchen dieser Bilder in der Realität findet sich aber auch bei der unterdrückten bzw. ausgebeuteten aktiven Ordnung. Nur muss diese nicht in künstlich geschaffenen Hochsicherheitszonen, von Stahl, Beton, Notstrom, Kühlung und Security umgeben, einem direkten Zugriff entzogen werden, sondern, falls kein Geld mit ihnen zu machen ist, mit bewussten Interventionen in ein völlig anderes Licht gerückt werden, damit, so gesehen, ein falsches, sprich unwirkliches, Bild in den Köpfen menschlicher Einzelbewusstseine entsteht… und möglichst lange, derart entstellt, dort verbleibt, zu einem Bestandteil eines individuellen Weltbildes werdend, welches sich mittels moderner Kommunikation schnell verbreiten lässt, virusgleich. Kein Wunder, dass aktuell eine derartige Panik bezüglich der Viren herrscht und diese dem Konsens in einem künstlichen Licht erscheinen.

Ober Mannkind verbindet viel: politisches Gedankengut mit Nonsense. Ober Mannkind ist religiös und profan zugleich. Profi und Dilettant. In einem Moment ganz konkret und im nächsten versteht man sich in sich selber verloren. Hypnose ist auch ein begriff, der da nicht unerwähnt bleiben darf. Eigentlich kaum möglich, eine Definition aufzustellen.

Island Time Radio

Island Time Radio is a love project that serves as an outlet for digging, researching and sharing international and diasporic music. Each show will explore a theme related to place and space. While there is no limitation on genre or time period, a general focus will be placed on music of Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.