10SION (live from GARAGE OST)

10SION is a live stream project by, with, and for artists and cultural workers from the local scene in Leipzig and the surrounding area.
For active people from the art, music, and culture scene, the crisis means: no orders, no money. But not only the lack of money plays a role, but also the lack of opportunities for performances and exchange with the audience. We would like to start at this point and offer local musicians a platform, show the faces of the local music and culture scene, give them appreciation and attention – one day, 10 hours.

Link to the video stream: https://www.hitness.club/

Music by:





Zweite Reihe


Visuals by:

Was ist Wert


Oh Mochi

Jil Noa

With this event, we organize a stream that is accessible for everyone. We distance ourselves from any kind of discrimination against people and their ancestry, appearance, sexual orientation, gender, or other reasons.


Organizing persons:


Jil Noa

Oh Mochi

Artwork: Lennart Born

Technical support:


Sphere Radio

Location: GARAGE OST

Verpflegung: Ponpoco


Ort: Leipzig

Tags: DJ-Set Music