Radio Super Zoom

Radio Super Zoom is a platform from East Leipzig where DJs, musicians and hosts have the chance to curate an hour-long show. Since September 2019, several regular and irregular formats and programmes have been created there. Now we have been given the opportunity by SphereRadio to broadcast these programmes live on the last Friday of the month from 12 to 8 pm. We play the sets, programmes, podcasts and whatever else has been released this month and host the whole thing in different constellations.

Depending on the month, you can expect a good mix of hip-hop, techno, breakbeat, dubstep, funk and certainly a bit of trash here and there. 

If for some inexplicable reason you couldn’t listen to the shows live here, you can still listen to the whole thing on soundcloud anytime.

And to keep up to date with our shows in the world of beautiful pictures, you can follow us here:

Have fun!

R & J


Ort: Leipzig

Tags: DJ-Set