Lager_2 Session #8

This week features a Session with the Leipzig based Band H. C. BEHRENDTSEN recorded on June 14. Konny Behrendt on Guitar, Christian Dähne on Bass and other soundsources and Hans Arnold on Drums and FX. I played a bit of Synth and FX 🙂
There will also be a Youtube version of the Session, if anyone feels like taking a peek inside Lager_2 😉

Fromage a trois # 1

Episode 1 #  MACHT


Gleich nach dem wir beschlossen haben etwas zu machen haben wir uns direkt im Eignen Anspruch verlaufen! Das Unbekannte diesmal: Das “Machen”

In der Ersten Epsiode nehmen wir euch zu einem kleinen Time Warp durch die letzten vier Wochen mit (ja so lange hat das tatsächlich gedauert diesen Klunker zu erabeiten). Dazu gehörten Käseigel, üppige talks, Auseinandersetzungen mit Technik, immer mal wieder Scheitern, immer mal wieder anfangen, wiederholen, probieren.

Es erwartet euch neben einem Tischfeuerwerk der Ideen, einem dekadenten Chor und Informationen zu How to not make a Podcast vielleicht auch der ein oder andere kleine Fakt (wer ihn findet behält ihn!). Keine Macht der Stringenz!
Warum wir nur die Hälfte der Ähms rausgeschnitten haben und es das nächste mal live probieren wollen? Könnten wir verraten. Tun wir aber nicht.



NEUE REIZE – Transmission 1

Expect some heavy psychedelic stuff, old and new – a mix of Ambient, Musique Concrète, Free Jazz, Library Music and belgian Kraut, all mixed up with eerie field recordings and poignant percussion.

#1 Music For Pieces Of Wood w/Hans Arnold

Hans Arnold is this episode’s guest. He is drummer and piano maker, his band is called “Holzig”. Earlier this year, he released an album called “And Finally The Rain” as a solo artist. Also, we both are bandmembers of “Elephants On Tape”.

This month’s topic is called “Music For Pieces Of Wood”. We take the title literally by using wooden objects as percussion instruments and samples. Also, we used Steve Reichs piece of the same name as an inspiration. Similar to “Clapping Music” (which most of you probably know) it works with rhythmical displacements of patterns.


Hans Arnold:

Music For Pieces Of Wood (Steve Reich):


Oh No Noh Radioh

“Oh No Noh” is Markus Rom’s solo project. Within “Oh No Noh Radioh”, he copes with experimental concepts of making music. Soundscapes, combined pieces of music and improvisations emerge from a musical dialog with changing guests from the experimental scene.

Adapting to Complexity

Adapting to Complexity is a monthly show that examines various ways in which sensitivity and complexity can intertwine in a sonic context and explores how an auditive approach to degrowth and composting might look like.

Each episode has a special focus or theme which could be a certain way of production, a philosophical approach, a vague association,…


The show is hosted by Johanna Schütt aka Justin. If you have inquiries don’t hesitate to get in contact <3

          >>  jsn(at)