The Wartburg Mix

Minnesang meets battle rap, an ultra-religious noblewoman dresses in vocoder, Martin Luther and Lee “Scratch” Perry chase the devil out of earth and Manfred Krug reports from the off. In the experimental audio piece The Wartburg Mix, media artist Lis Schröder deals with a rather unique historical place. The Wartburg in Eisenach was long exaggerated as a German national symbol and is still the target of teutonistic projections. But since the Middle Ages it has also been a place of cosmopolitanism, the arts and radically non-conformist lifestyles. Poets and intellectuals met here, Elisabeth of Thuringia lived an early version of giving up privilege here, Luther started a language revolution with his translation of the Bible. Lis Schröder takes up these aspects, combines them with contemporary themes and aesthetics, integrates feminist and pop culture readings and mixes fragments of found audio material with field recordings, her own texts, talk and music.

“The Wartburg Mix” will be restreamed on 4.9.22 & 16.9.22 from 18.00-18.30 Uhr at Sphere Radio.

Sendedatum: 18/08/2022 17:00 - 18/08/2022 17:30

Sendung: Specials

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