lange nicht gehört #24: ikisan soundscapes. (feat. mara schwerdtfeger)

The October episode surprises with travel impressions from southwest Japan. In September, JJ collected sounds in Ikisan, a small village on the island of Kyushu. While there, he also met Mara Schwerdtfeger. The Eora / Sidney based musician and composer works with field recordings herself. As part of her residency at Studio Kura, Ikisan she gave two concerts. These were incorporated as the basis for this collage of sound fragments.

A special thanks to the Studio Kura residency program and the wonderful people who reside there in September 2023.


Sendedatum: 04/10/2023 19:00 - 04/10/2023 19:43

Ort: Ikisan, Kyushu, Japan

Sprache: English German Japanese

Sendung: lange nicht gehört. lange nicht gehört.

Tags: Concert Soundscape Sound Collage Sound Art music in the afternoon at night rainy relaxing no colour laying