Welcome to ATOLLS – I’m Malo Moray and in this show I’m introducing you to my new album ATOLLS and more music from my ambient kraut jazz collective Malo Moray + His Inflatable Knee. 3 weeks ago the album was released on 2-LP with MC and right now we are on tour in Germany with the album.
ATOLLS was created in 2020 to 2022 – a time when it was possible to dive deep into music without distractions. I played long, extended improvisations in my studio, and listened to them over and over again while walking to calm and root myself. Gradually, my desire to dive into these worlds with others grew. So I began to send the improvisations to other musicians – asking them not to listen to them beforehand, but simply to play along with them and record themselves in the process. In this way, layer after layer of sonic structures, musical atolls, emerged. Flow is not a physical moment, but an energetic movement as we listen to each other and resonate with each other.
In today’s final episode, I send the piece WAITING FOR THE WOOD GLUE TO DRY, included with the 2-LP on cassette. It was the first one I recorded for the album, not knowing it was going to be an album. The drums you hear from Hans Arnold were the first feed to my playing of the entire album.
I hope you enjoy it!


“Where Noise and Beauty Embrace.” Legacy Magazine

With their new album ATOLLS, Malo Moray + His Inflatable Knee release an album for fans of Brian Eno, Sunn O))), Swans, Soundwalk Collective and all adventurous music that doesn’t fit into any pigeonhole. ATOLLS are large rings of islands connected underwater, enclosing a fertile, thriving lagoon. For three years, Malo Moray and his collective have improvised together across space and time, invisibly connected by music, capturing an amazing state of flow and connection – atolls in music. ATOLLS beautifully proves that connection and flow are not physical states, but hidden energetic processes that occur whenever people open their hearts and minds to resonate with each other. Grammy award winner Marc Urselli (Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson) spent three years producing the digitally mediated intimate sessions into a dazzling cosmos of sound between ambient, krautrock, neo-classical and experimental jazz.

The Leipzig-based composer, double bassist and improviser Malo Moray has assembled his Inflatable Knee for improvisations into various trios to sextets that never met in physical space. All pieces were recorded layer by layer one after the other – each* musician* by himself – always picking up the first impulse in the encounter with the music. You can feel how the musicians throw off any bias, any material ballast in this process. Malo Moray & His Inflatable Knee vividly demonstrate how music resonates people across space and time. They play intensely and completely liberated.

Malo Moray + His Inflatable Knee will be on tour with ATOLLS in Germany and the UK in 2023 and 2024:

23.09.23 Dresden, Hanse 3
29.09.23 Altenburg, PGH
30.09.23 Leipzig, Horns Erben
01.10.23 Berlin, Terzo Mondo
02.10.23 Berlin, Mme Claude
11.10.23 Weimar, C-Keller
13.10.23 Gera, Häselburg
14.10.23 Fulda, Cinema 35
30.11.23 Weimar, OMA
01.12.23 Halle, Pierre Grasse
02.12.23 Kassel, Subterrain
03.12.23 Erfurt, Traumraum
…current tour dates for 2024 starting this fall at

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