Pancake Enorme

Hi all,

We are Valeria (Heidelberg/Saarbrücken) & SK Libra (Frankfurt a. M.) from Germany and this is our baby – Pancake Enorme!

„Yeah cool, but what is this enormous pancake these chicks are talking about?“ – so glad you asked!

The concept behind our show is „play what you normally don’t get to play“. As genre-bending DJs ourselves, we know what it’s like to be sitting on some gems that are either blasts from our pasts or anything we found in a record store thinking „who knows when I‘ll be able to play this, but when I will – oh girl!“. Oftentimes, when playing in clubs or a local scene in general, a certain genre will be automatically attributed to you. While of course that‘s helpful for bookers and the crowd to know what to expect, we often wish to be able to showcase a different side of us – a side maybe noone has ever heard, the side of that stack of records that is so desperately waiting to be spun.

We select our roster carefully and so far, each and everyone surprised us in their own way, the mixes ranging from ambient, jungle, jazz to french pop and indie dance – we know there are so many more exciting and colourful toppings to this big pancake!

Pancake Enorme is not about us, we won‘t be playing every month, but rather invite other DJs, offering them a platform and a chance to finally show us their collection as a whole. It fills our hearts with joy to see how much time, effort and thought being put into all the mixes

Most of the time, our show will be followed by a short interview in which the artists are given the opportunity to tell us something about their mix. Let’s dig in and discover all the beautiful toppings our roster has to offer. Bon appetit!


Hosts: Sphere Radio

Ort: Heidelberg/ Frankfurt a.M.

Sprache: English

Tags: DJ-Set