Radio Container Pre-Opening Sphere Radio x Goldbroilers

Because we can’t wait to have our Radio Container back for you, we are already launching our kiosk weekend ahead of the official start of the container season for you. The Radio Container will open on 29.04. from 4pm – 9pm for the public. The public, that’s you!!!
We have new fizzy drinks and beers up our sleeves. For fanatics of non-alcoholic beers, there will also be some bottles from last year left at a greatly reduced price.
Good music will be provided all evening. The Goldbroilers, a collective with a fondness of greasy snacks and winging puns will provide music on site and on the radio and in between tell one or the other story from the broiler room.

++++ ++++ News straight from the Broiler office: ++++ ++++

Hey our feathered friends! We are the Goldbroilers. A friendly collective of 5 DJs from Frankfurt (Oder), Berlin, Weimar, Hamburg and Leipzig. We bring crispy crunch and soothing golden sounds into your life. Either at one of our BROILER ROOM parties (world famous in Frankfurt (Oder)) or with our Broiler Cast, the take away version. As Goldbroilers, we’re all about sharing music beyond strict genre boundaries and shaking it down with friends. Delicate music spins on the turntables like a broiler on the grill and spreads a cozy atmosphere. Peacock-like strutting gives way to smooth head nodding. Welcome to the nest of good vibes & the dancefloor of golden vibes.


Robbie Bikkini

Lotta (Lottaria) and Paula (Pani Paulo) are: “System of Verdaun”

Tom Bein

Adrian Prepaid

Translated with (free version)

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