Zärtlich und Zornig

A podcast from the affected perspective about how to deal with sexualized violence/rape. An empowering podcast that is infuriating, empathetic, proud, somber, strong and inspires to be bold.

We are part of the collective sichtbar & selbstbestimmt (visible & autonomous) from Leipzig and with zaertlich & zornig we intend to foster an open exchange giving sexualized violence the discursive space it necessitates as a public issue. We want to conversate with allies, illuminate different topics, and increase the visibility for the many forms of affectedness and contact with the matter.
We want to discuss guilt, shame, anger, revenge, language, intersectionality, and much more, as we exchange experiences and strategies. We’re always excited about suggestions, questions, critique, and your perspectives. We want to break with taboos, create our own imagery, illuminate affectedness, and radically alter narrations – and, of course, abolish patriarchy.

Please send us your feedback at zaertlichundzornig@riseup.net.


Sprache: German

Tags: Podcast