My thesis in 1 min

In My thesis in 1 min, we invite people to talk about their thesis or PHD subject in a fun, accessible and informal way. As if we were having a friendly discussion over a cup of tea!

motivations behind the show

Make academics accessible!

Thesis subjects always are really interesting and deserve to be shared. But academic requirements (methodology, formal wordings…) often make them inaccessible or discouraging for people who do not have academic backgrounds. Thesis which have the opportunity to be published on research platforms also are rarely free of charge. So let’s share research orally, in a friendly and even fun way, to make it a bit more accessible at our scale 🙂

Give people the opportunity to share their hard work!

When our research is finished, after having presented it to a jury, we often do nothing with it. This 1 year and sometimes even longer work ends up being heard by 3 people and then stays on our computer. Sharing it can bring back some meaning and a sens of closure!

When we are still at the core of the writing process, we deal with so many subtleties, that we can loose sight of the main point of our research. Stepping back from the subject and clear your ideas to refocus on the most important, can be a good re-motivation !

Keen to participate?

Your thesis can be a research you’ve already finished years ago, but also one that you are still in the process of writing. Anyone from any discipline is welcome, as long as you can explain it to people who do not know your field or research. We are also open to PHDs.

If you would like to participate, you can contact us on Telegram or Whatsapp, to this number: +33 6 23 23 00 82.


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