FLINTA* gaze

FLINTA* Gaze – an hour of music from people and bands who identify as female, lesbian, inter, non-binary, trans and/or agender. Even in 2021, magazines, line-ups and radios mainly feature cis-male musicians, and the music industry is still far from a gender balance. Music always reflects the realities, experiences, opinions and feelings of the artists – if we don’t tell these stories, they remain invisible and an important part of social discourse is lost. By focusing on music by FLINTA* people, space is also created for those recipients who feel unseen in the mainstream. This program is meant to be a counter-project and to support FLINTA* musicians in their work. With finely selected songs, the story behind the artists* and short interviews Laura presents you once a month her discoveries from the FLINTA* gaze. Send samples to: flinta-gaze@gmx.de


Sprache: German

Tags: Music