Fromage a trois

Fromage a trois – Anna Christian and the unknown

Who we are:


Has a short biography, which is quite not that cool. He eventually studied psychology, now he writes plays and does theatrical stuff with a proud number of publications (1).


likes to do everything – although never for long. At the moment she would like to write a novel, make music, produce a radio play or earn money. Now she gets Hartz 4 for a start and lives at the fifth floor with access to the roof.

(We’re not afraid of answers – we have none, anyway)

Reading/ Talk/ associative tasting (music, quotes, cheese, guests and everything else that can be tasted)

Every two weeks we dedicate ourselves to a topic, playing with thoughts and maybe even present a fact or two.

Chef’s suggestion: self written texts as scenic reading from our daily offer.

The rest emerges while we’re playing.


Ort: Berlin

Sprache: German

Tags: Talk Radio Play Improvisation Interview Commentary Reading