Adapting to Complexity #1 w/ Justin

Adapting to Complexity is a radioshow that examines various ways in which sensitivity and complexity can intertwine in a sonic context and explores how an auditive approach to degrowth and composting might look like.

Sendedatum: 19/04/2020 21:00 - 19/04/2020 21:30

Sprache: without Speech

Sendung: Adapting to Complexity

Tags: Music Soundscape Sound Collage bright morning light cloudy snow attentive blue violet white laying flying

Bby Eco - Embryo Inc. Theme
Terry Riley - Mescalin Mix (Shoshi FF. Edit)
TIBSLC - Kiiberborea Online Fest Live Rec.
Ecology141 - Collage3
Levan Shanidze - L1 (Chushi Edit)
Aryanna - This
Purl - Siblins
Zeze Wakamatsu - Aomori Before Summer
Broshuda - Untitled
Felisha Ledesma - Selfish Interlude
Chushi - Kiss Session