Adapting to Complexity #2 w/ Justin – HvB-Spezial

This Show is a special about Hildegard von Bingen and her search for truth; approached via her digital artefacts as found in online prophecies and re-compos(t)ed vocal-extractions.

Sacred Heart Publications:
Saint Hildegard von Bingen – Excerpts Of Visions 1 of 2
The Incredible Prophecy of St. Hildegard about USA
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi – Hildegard Von Bingen, Sequentia – O Vis Aeternitatis & Diabolus
Jocelyn Montgomery with David Lynch – Lux Vivens

Air date: 17/05/2020 21:00 - 12/05/2020 21:30

Language: German

Show: Adapting to Complexity

Tags: Music Soundscape Ambient sleet facing white standing