Carte Branche – April 2022

This time again, no Carte Branche per se as I didn’t have any new guests, but a small peek into my archives with three collaborations.

You will first hear a piece recorded on tour with Miguel Garcia, who played in Leipzig by LiLe last September.

It will be followed by a studio recording from my saxophone duet Relentless with London-based Artur Vidal, who will be in Leipzig in July.

Then a one-time collaboration with Cyril Bondi from the Insub. galaxy in Geneva. This is a piece which emerged of a three-days exploration in the studio.

And to close the round, another piece on tour with Miguel Garcia.


Air date: 11/04/2022 17:40 - 11/04/2022 19:00

Language: without Speech

Show: Carte Branche

Tags: Music experimental evening light Interested no colour sitting

Tracklist: open dzol - Duo Branche-Garcia
Document #102013 - Relentless
And soon my work will be all done - Bondi-Branche
ralowcw attionsive - Duo Branche-Garcia