dr. bitch ray & kitty kat #24

Wow, we’ve been doing this podcast for 2 years now! Happy birthday to us! We’re just pulling through and introducing you to two legends: Dr. Bitch Ray and Kitty Kat. Two rappers who don’t really resemble each other. But we can still find a few similarities here and there. In any case, they were both one of the first women in German-language rap and therefore paved the way a little for everyone who followed. Merci!

Sendedatum: 26/03/2024 18:15 - 26/03/2024 19:00

Sprache: German

Sendung: adlibs

Tags: Podcast music evening light cloudy amused attentive flabbergasted no colour have a shower

Tracklist: Kitty Kat - Braves Mädchen
Kitty Kat - Was Junge Was
Dr. Bitch Ray - Vorhang auf!
Dr. Bitch Ray - Cleopatra