Drive in´21 – Judith Crasser, Viti-Ko Schell and Marti Guillem

With the two concerts by Judith Crasser, Vitiko Schell and Martí Guillem, the Drive in’21 concert series of the ZiMMT in Leipzig comes to an end. Drive In is a concert & sound installation series with a focus on 3D audio formats, which place the intensive artistic practice of sound in space, as a compositional stylistic method, at the center. The perception of music and sound is given a new, immersive dimension through the auditory, spatial experience, which enables the listener to dive into virtual-acoustic spheres.

For a binaural sound experience the use of headphones is recommended!

Judith Crasser & Viti-Ko Schell

For their first joint collaboration, Leipzig-based artists Judith Crasser and Viti-Ko Lilja Schell have composed a multi-instrumental piece for the 3D audio system at ZiMMT. In the context of the collaboration, Crasser’s sound syntheses, voice experiments and electro-acoustic elements meet Schell’s experiences from pop and punk music. What their approach has in common is the everyday practice of recording, collecting sounds and accessing a broad sound archive, which they use to open up dynamic sonic spaces and thus affect the listeners in various ways. With the composition, which was developed specifically for the concert evening, Crasser and Schell explore the potentials of acoustic spatiality and spatial perception.

Crasser and Schell have a background in visual arts and were already engaged in cross-media formats, auditory projects, and working with and in space during their studies. Schell’s musical practice also extends into the realm of experimental pop music, where she was active as part of the group FABIAN and has now also released a first solo album under the name Desir Vitom earlier this year. Crasser is active as a DJ and curator in the Leipzig music scene and also plays in the improvisation-based band projects Service, Ternat and HTA.

Martí Guillem


In this site-specific performance, developed especially for ZiMMT, Martí Guillem will explore the immersive potential of sound moving in space. Using a special microphone array, he will massage the audience’s perception with strange sounds and noises. Electro-acoustic devices built by him will be manipulated and moved around the setup, creating dynamic movements within a tree-like sound structure.

Manipulating electronic devices, sounds images, videos, actions and objects, he often deviates into the unusual as an artist. Improvisation, experimentation and a DIY approach combine – irreverent but thoughtful – usually to create ephemeral proposals. They are characterized by their fresh and changing expression, reflecting social habits as well as the relationship between creativity and everyday life.

Air date: 28/10/2021 19:00 - 28/10/2021 20:30

Language: German

Show: Z.I.M.M.T.

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