Ensemble Modèle Réduit plays Christan Wolff

Part of its identity – still in definition – is its diverse instrumentation: a mix of acoustic and electro-acoustic instruments, with wind instruments, percussion, singing bowls, voice or electronics. Another key element is the diversity of its members’ musical experience: Jazz, techno, new music, free improvisation, composition, theatre directing, classical music, ambient, etc. All of them also have a long experience with improvisation, strong individuality and their own projects in which they can express their own voice.

The ensemble engages itself with nondeterministic music: we want to play music in which the decision of the musicians are important and strongly influence the result. We want to establish a dialogue in practice between improvisation and composition and are interested in working with works that set a defined framework in which one can move freely.

The Ensemble is supported by Musikfonds with its FEB Grant in the frame of the Neustart/Kultur initiative and will be in residence from September to November to develop its language and repertoire.

For LiLe, the ensemble explored works by Christian Wolff during a residency. The residency and broadcast were made possible through the support of the Leipzig Cultural Office and the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony.

Ensemble Modèle Réduit with:
Andreas Nordheim
Chris Weinheimer
Gregor Forbes
Hans Arnold
Johannes von Buttlar
Ole Schmidt
Pina Bettina Rücker
Sébastien Branche
Walburga Walde

And works by Christian Wolff:
Song, Toss, Exercise 1, Edges

Air date: 12/12/2021 17:00 - 12/12/2021 19:00

Language: without Speech

Show: LiLe Konzert zum Nachhören

Tags: Music morning light attentive no colour sitting

Tracklist: 01 Song
02 Edges (1ste Quadrant)
03 Song
04 Toss
05 Song
06 Edges (2te Quadrant)
07 Song
08 Exercise 1
09 Song
10 Edges
Outro: Improvisation