Frothed Nucleon’s Squiggly Tunes – Episode V: – Squelchfire Psych’s Back!

Zooming back towards digital electronic bliss! Finishing off the year with long-lost soulmates: classic and modern. Sample-heavy, harpsichord-ready, MIDI-friendly, never-scary, and full-o-jelly! A grand crescendo followed by calamity and serenity. Let’s ROLL!

Sendedatum: 20/12/2020 20:45 - 20/12/2020 21:45

Sprache: English

Sendung: Frothed Nucleon’s Squiggly Tunes

Tags: Music Sound Collage Soundscape experimental Classical Field Recordings cloudy pleased connected loving white diving

1. ssaliva - Elveshaarp Neural Politics
2. 0comeups - Them Not Me
3. E+E - Where Have You Been
4. $3.33 - _AS
5. Milan W. - Helium Queen
6. Shelter - Parade
7. Kemialliset Ystävät - Lahjapaperin Tuolle Puolen Piirrän Konnan Kuoren
8. Olli Arni - Mustikoita Ja Kissankelloja
9. O A K M I L K - furtive lilt in a pond of goat-soap tremors
10. Martin Stig Anderson - INSIDE (Shockwave)
12. Jonny Greenwood - Phantom Thread IV
13. Jonny Greenwood - House of Woodcock