Katis Sleep Show #1 – Weird Dreams

A compilation that presents sounds from early electronics such as those of Tom Dissevelt and Clara Rockmore. With Aphex Twin and Skylab, the journey will also take you through the 90s. Finally to neglect every kind of temporally classification, modern works by Taro Nuhn, Mike Cooper and many other great artists walk from the ether into your earpiece.
Now have fun. I hope there is something for you.

Sendedatum: 08/06/2020 22:00 - 08/06/2020 23:00

Sendung: Katis Sleep Show

Tags: Sound Collage dark intimate speechless black laying

Milton Feher - The Habit of Relaxing
Laraaji - I Am Ocean
Something - Weird
Anthony Gonzalez & Nicolas Fromageau - At The Party
Lee Bannon - Artificial Stasis
Dave Dorgan - Late Night Conversations
Tom Dissevelt - Drifiting (Moon Maid)
Lee Ranaldo - Harry and Hannah
Air - The Dream of Yi
Skylab - Next
Mike Cooper - La’ap Blues
Deux Filles - Horsebox Parade
Konstantin Melnikov - Sonata Of Sleep
Mystic Moods Orchestra - A Dream
Mono Puff - Pretty Fly
Young Druid - Lullaby
Clara Rockmore - Summertime
Pete Drake - Sleepwalk
Taro Nuhn - Radio Files 1.0
Brian Eno - Deep Blue Day
Saskia Czchoch - Das ist Schönheit.
Zonga Zonga - Skrew Kramer
Marr’Dell - Butterfly Friend
Templo do Vale do Sol e da Lua - Todos os Orixás
Jonathan Bree - Booty Call
Aphex Twin - Stone in Focus