Look Over Yonder #11 – Guest: Lino Rex

this month’s focus lies on the wonderful selection of gladly welcomed Lino Rex, who is guiding us through a sublime ride of perfectly shaped digi-dubs, heavy loads of mesmerizing steppers and a myriad of foggish, dubbed out electronics

Sendedatum: 26/10/2022 19:00 - 26/10/2022 20:00

Sprache: English

Sendung: Look Over Yonder

Tags: Music evening light in the evening relaxing no colour cooking dance

Seekersinternational - Rootsprinciple
Dubamine - Nicodemus Riddim
Pachyman - Fruit Basket
Irie Mona - Lovers Chalice
MM Studio - Other Dub
Froid Dub - Shotgun Dub
Om Unit - The Struggle (Dubkasm Version)
Babe Roots - Music Mission
The Prince Stoner - UV Dub
Numa Crew - Everytime
Zzzzra - Bulles Et Filaments
Another Channel - Uranus
Voodoo Tapes - Gbye
Pugilist & Another Channel - Seek Truth
The Prince Stoner - Poi.nts
Pugilist - Sun Dial
Al Wootton - Ashe
Holy Tongue - Rivers Cannot Wash It Away