Look Over Yonder #24 – Guest: Lino Rex

an hour of wonderful dub records and bass works with Lino Rex on the knobs.

Sendedatum: 24/01/2024 19:00 - 24/01/2024 20:00

Sprache: English

Sendung: Look Over Yonder

Tags: Music music evening light in the evening relaxing no colour cooking

Pure Wicked Tune: Rare Groove Blues Dances & House Parties, 1985 - 1992 - Shit Hot
Sheriff Lindo And The Hammer - New Roots
Sly and Robbie - Losing Battle (Version)
King Jammy - Jazzwad
Fizzy Veins - Go Home
Madlib - Massage Seats (Instrumental)
The Three Lives - Submersion Dub
Richard Lamb - Agitation Dub
Odd Ned - Shtoneymatter
Beat Pharmacy - Safety In Dub
The Truth - This One A Renk
Al Wootton - Palants Grove
Cloud Management - Tempentary Dance
Funkycan - Dubbel Appel
Sun In Capricorn - Coded Voice
Bush Chemists - Help Us Dub
Fizzy Veins - Darts Champ
Nicolini - Intro + Life Shana
Tax Free / South Of North (Mini - Sampler) - GRRRR (live)