Look Over Yonder #7

another run through heavily pacing dubs with well shaped echoes

Air date: 22/06/2022 19:00 - 22/06/2022 20:00

Language: English

Show: Look Over Yonder

Tags: Music evening light in the evening relaxing no colour cooking

Tracklist: The New Establishment - Love Version
Talent Crew – Emperor's Dub
The Cimarons – Ethiopian Romance
Johnman - The Way Of The Father (Dub)
Sis Nya - Serious Time (Dub)
Ranking Dread - Shut My Mouth
Senior Band – Son Of Dub
The Ark - Forgive I (Dub)
Black Uhuru - Rent Man (Dub)
Roy Dobson - Our Roots Are In Africa (Dub)
Corporation Of Love - Give Thanks And Praise (Part 2)
Novelette Barnett - Fire De A Town (Version)
Wiser Generations - Slavery
Sister Carol - Black Cinderella
Frankie Paul - Do Good Version
Soul Syndicate – Princess Street Skank (Version)
Raphie Arenas - You're Running