Miserable Monday – Folge 96

Miserable Monday – episode 96

First Monday in March and I have a packed show for you.
Goldies from Minor Victories and Holy Hive. New hits from Shannon Lay, Anna B Savage, Readymade FC and Lowly. In Local News Ana Bogner introduces her new album “Between Coziness And War” and we congratulate Antonia Hausmann on her nomination for the German Jazz Prize. And I talked to the band Adwaith about their album “Bato Mato” and Welsh vocals. Once again, there’s something for everyone!

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Air date: 06/03/2023 17:00 - 06/03/2023 18:00

Language: German

Show: Miserable Monday

Tags: Music Indie Rock in the evening relaxing blue flying

Tracklist: Minor Victories - Cog
Holy Hive - This Is My Story
Readymade FC - Touch The Ground
feat. Jahz Armando
Lowly - Nothing Much
Adwaith - Sudd
Interview Adwaith
Adwaith - Anialwch
Shame - Alibis
Anna B Savage - The Orange
Flavien Berger - Feux Follets
Ana Bogner - Excavate My Dreams
Antonia Hausmann - 105