Not with us! | Episode 12: Christian Fundamentalist Antichoice Movement and Antifeminism

On April 30, the kick-off event of the Christian “Week for Life” will take place in Leipzig. Well-known anti-choice activists from the so-called pro-life milieu – a deeply anti-feminist movement that also has overlaps with other anti-human ideologies – are also invited to this event.

In this episode, journalist Jessica Ramczik, Len Schmid from mobirex and activist Miri from the Alliance for Self-Determination talk about the anti-choice movement, its contents and strategies and about the connections to AfD and corona deniers. And of course about the planned protest for the Week for Life.

Sendedatum: 03/04/2022 16:00 - 03/04/2022 17:00

Sprache: German

Sendung: Bei uns doch nicht! Podcast von chronik.LE

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