Not with us! | Episode 13: Right-wing background noise – neo-Nazis and resistance in Zschocher

What is actually going on in Zschocher? For years, it has had a reputation as a “Nazi neighborhood,” a “right-wing world of experience” with its own rehearsal rooms, Spätis, pubs and stores. While in the past recognizable Nazi cadres also organized demos there, today there is rather an everyday background noise of stickers and graffiti, but time and again also attacks against political opponents. With Alex, who lives in Zschocher and has been observing the situation for a long time, we talk about the changes in this right-wing space and the neo-Nazi structures. Simon from chronik.LE as well as Marie and Flo from Zschocher Vernetzung also report on the situation on the ground and above all: on the growing civil society engagement and leftist resistance, which is becoming more and more established. What are the approaches, strategies and long-term considerations of progressive neighborhood work here?

Sendedatum: 01/05/2022 16:00 - 01/05/2022 17:00

Sprache: German

Sendung: Bei uns doch nicht! Podcast von chronik.LE

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