Not with us! | Episode 9: Outcalls as feminist practice against sexualized violence

Almost exactly two years ago, a report revealed that a staff member at the left-wing festival Monis Rache had secretly installed cameras in the Dixie toilets there and sold videos of him being read as female. After this massive case of sexualized violence came to light, a wave of other outcalls against people practicing violence in the leftist scene followed. They all show: sexism and sexualized violence are an everyday problem even in these supposedly emancipatory circles. But those affected organize themselves and create visibility: for concrete cases, for the patriarchal structures, for their own experiences and resistance. Time to listen to them!

Sendedatum: 03/01/2021 16:00 - 03/01/2022 17:00

Sprache: German

Sendung: Bei uns doch nicht! Podcast von chronik.LE

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