Nowrooz 1400 Special

نوروز ۱۴۰۰
Together with the spring start the beginning of a new year is celebrated in countries of west and central asia, caucasus and east balkans. This year the solar hijri calender which is the official calender in Iran and Afghanistan turns into 1400 and thus marks the entrance into a new century. Reasons enough to celebrate and spread some warm and colorful impressions of friends from Tehran, Shanghai, Dushanbe and Leipzig. Enjoy listening to:
2pm: Farhang (Nofeh Radio Tehran)
3pm: Ziyod Yunus
3:10: Mehdi Asgar (ft. Amin Seyf and Eltiam)
3:20: Behnoud&Maryam aka Force Ignore

3:30: pantea (@pantearm)
4pm: Momo Maryam @momozeli

4:20: Elnaz aka Elso

5:20: Sam aka GID
Have a smooth slide into the new year ! ! سال نو مبارک

Sendedatum: 21/03/2021 14:00 - 21/03/2021 18:00

Sprache: English Persian

Sendung: Specials

Tags: Music