We’re celebrating some rappers right now whose names happen to all have a number on them. And that’s what we’ve made our theme for the third episode. In the foreground are Wa22ermann and Kerosin95, who we introduce with a few tracks. Do the numbers have a deeper meaning? We know, rumor or heard various things about it and make up sometimes more and sometimes less plausible interpretations.

Sendedatum: 28/06/2022 18:15 - 28/06/2022 19:00

Sprache: German

Sendung: adlibs

Tags: Podcast evening light cloudy bright morning light in the afternoon amused attentive thrilled delighted expectant curious in love blue red violet have a shower going floating cooking

Wa22ermann - Need For Speed
Wa22ermann - Salsa
Kerosin95 - Trans Agender Dynastie
Kerosin95 feat. NENDA - 4ever