Poetic Capsule #10 – Pop Songs 4 Math

Surrounded by Mathematics, inside and out… showing up in the most simple ways and inspiring our pop-ular expressions…

34 x 49= 1.666 = 1+6+6+6 = 19 = 1+9 = Poetic Capsule #10

Do your math…


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- Excerpts from Harmonius Equations, Music Project of Mathematician Keith Devlin and Zambra Choral Group, 2007.
- Excerpts of The Joy of math interview to Keith Devlin, Podcast On being with Krista Tippett, 2013.
- Parallelograms, Linda Perhacs , Album Parallelograms, 1970.
- 12 And Pinball Animation, Sesame Street, composed by Walt Kraemer and arranged by Ed Bogas, performed by The Pointer Sisters, 1977.
- 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, by Paul Simon , album Still Crazy After All These Years, 1975.
- Little Twelvetoes, by Bob Dorough song from Schoolhouse Rock (TV Series), 1973.
- Pi π, by Kate Bush, Album Aerial, 2005
- Leibniz´s series for pi, by Keith Devlin and Zambra Choral Group, Album Harmonius Equations, 2007.
- Mathematics, by Mos Def, Album Black on Both Sides, 1999.
- Love Potion No. 9, by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, Single by The Searchers, 1959.
- Lucky Number, by Lene Lovich and Les Chappell, Album Stateless, 1978.
- New Math, by Tom Lehrer, Album That Was the Year That Was, 1965.
- Schoolhouse Rock, Ready or not, Here I Come! (Fives), by Bob Dorough, from Schoolhouse Rock (TV Series), 1973.
* For extra math by Keith Devlin : https://www.mathvalues.org/devlinsangle