Poetic Capsule # 4 “The Sexual Human Animal”, by Suetszu

What a sensuous experience to be a human…
I present this 4th Capsule, the “Sexual Human Animal”.
A simple and fun Musical Capsule, exploring human sexuality and the hidden mechanisms that sometimes control our actions and emotions. . Our guide is Desmond Morris, a zoologist that in the 90´s was invited by the BBC to do a Television series on his personal view of the human species, “A study of human behaviour from a zoological perspective”.
I leave a link to the series, they are old school and still filled with interesting and useful information.

Lets enjoy who we are knowing what we are.

Sendedatum: 07/08/2020 10:15 - 07/08/2020 10:45

Sprache: English

Sendung: Poetic Capsules

Tags: Sound Collage sun attracted curious amazed red sweating

Tracks in this Capsule
* Documentary The Human Animal Ep. 4 - The Biology of Love, BBC nature documentary series written and presented by Desmond Morris, UK July 1994.
* Is It My Body - Alice Cooper, Album Love it to Death, US 1971.
* I feel love - Donna Summer, Album I Remember Yesterday, US 1977.
* All I Want - Joni Mitchel, Album Blue, US 1971.
* Mother Maybe - Kadhja Bonet, Album Mother Maybe, US 2018.
* No. 4. Black Hair and Red Cheeks - Elektra Women´s Choir, Album Legacy, Canada 2012.
* Labios Rojos - Dr Alfonso Ortiz Tirado, Album Dr Alfonso Ortiz Tirado Sus Éxitos Internacionales, Chile 1961.
* Skin (You Gotta Have skin) - Allan Sherman, Album Allan in Wonderland, Canada 1964.
* Elysian Fields - Alex Baranowski, Album A Streecar Named Desire, Original Music from The theatre piece "A Streetcar Named Desire”, UK 2014.
* Roo (A dedication) - Dimlite, Album Roo / Feedback Children, Switzerland 2010.
* Un Sacco Bello - Ennio Morricone, Album Un Sacco Bello (Film Original Soundtrack), Italy 1980.