Season 2 The Revolt Continues | Episode 4: “Real Guys Drink!”- Alcohol, Addiction and Masculinity

In this episode we describe the second part of a complex we want to address in
3 episodes around the topic of autonomy, addiction and violence in connection with masculinity*.

Alcohol and drugs have an enormous significance in our society – despite the fact that they are still treated as taboo. Yet alcohol and drug abuse and masculinity* seem to be dangerously connected, which we want to get to the bottom of in this episode.

*Note: We say at the beginning that it is mainly men* who have a problem with alcohol. Statistically, men* and women* are now converging on alcohol abuse and are almost on par. Nevertheless, men* drink more often and more. Furthermore, men* are clearly in the lead when it comes to crimes committed under the influence of alcohol.*

Sendedatum: 23/12/2020 18:00 - 23/12/2020 18:45

Sprache: German

Sendung: Die Revolte beginnt auf Gut Holmecke

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