Soundgalerie #7 Tonträger auswählen mit Flaschen drehen, Würfenl und Münze werfen

Welcome to a new episode of the Soundgalerie. This time Depp Blatter sits down with the wonderful Katharina from Tortellini Records to play a little game with the insanely imaginative name:

Select record by spinning the bottle, throwing the dice and flipping a coin..

The rules are quite simple:
Katharina and I each have three stacks of 6 different sound carriers. Depp has his records and Katha has brought the cassettes. The bottle decides which stack comes next, the dice which sound carrier and the coin decides whether we play the A or B side, at least for records (sometimes).

Air date: 10/06/2021 20:30 - 10/06/2021 22:30

Language: German

Show: Soundgalerie

Tags: Music evening light amused green flying