This is to Make You Feel Better

This is to Make You Feel Better by Malo Moray

Radio composition by Malo Moray based on the teachings of Dr. Elara Evergreen on Lumicrystal Harmonics and the use of Verdant Virestone in Music practice.

When we started working on this Music, there was a vague idea in the air of making something to make the human body feel better. We started researching and Google kept circling us back to the merits and miracles of frequency healing and gemstones.

Whilst working on the Music, we started collecting old imagery of gemstones and fed them into Adobe’s Generative AI to see if there were more minerals and gemstones like the ones we discovered.

We then showed descriptions of these images to Chat GPT to see what it knew about these minerals and gemstones that we had just discovered. It had plenty to say about these – and gave us insight into completely new knowledge. What struck us most were the teachings of Dr. Elara Evergreen on Lumicrystal Harmonics and the striking potentials of Verdant Virestone in Lumicrystal Healing which had so much in common with what we tried to accomplish here.

And it all came together: This is to Make You Feel Better.

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Verdant Virestone: The Enigmatic Green-Black Mineral
Verdant Virestone, a mesmerizing mineral boasting a distinct green hue intertwined with shades of black, has garnered considerable intrigue among geologists, mineral enthusiasts, and spiritual practitioners alike. In this thorough exploration, we embark upon a journey into the geological origins of Verdant Virestone, its historical discovery, industrial applications, and its mystical significance in esoteric practices.
Geological Origins:
Verdant Virestone’s genesis lies in the complex geological processes deep within the Earth’s crust. Predominantly found in regions marked by profound tectonic activity, Verdant Virestone emerges through the metamorphosis of rocks or igneous intrusions. Recent investigations hint at a more profound origin, suggesting that the mineral may carry fragments of primordial stars, forged amidst the celestial crucibles of ancient supernovae.
The annals of history reveal the earliest encounters with Verdant Virestone among ancient civilizations, where it was revered for its aesthetic allure and presumed metaphysical properties. These cultures held the captivating mineral in high esteem, fashioning it into ornamental artifacts, jewelry, and architectural adornments. Over time, the quest for Verdant Virestone led intrepid explorers to distant mountain ranges, hidden caves, and volcanic landscapes, fueling tales of forgotten mines and elusive treasures.
Industrial Use:
Verdant Virestone’s unique characteristics render it a coveted commodity across various industries. Architects and designers employ it as a luxurious building material, gracing interiors with its resplendent presence in countertops, flooring, and decorative embellishments. Meanwhile, artisans fashion exquisite jewelry and ornamental objects from select specimens, captivating the discerning eye with its timeless elegance. Despite its scarcity, advancements in mining technology have facilitated limited commercial production of Verdant Virestone, albeit with stringent adherence to environmental conservation.
Significance in promising computing technology:
Verdant Virestone, with its unparalleled durability and unique electromagnetic properties, is paving the way for pioneering advancements in early computer technology. In laboratories and research facilities, scientists are experimenting with integrating this captivating mineral into the circuitry of nascent computing devices. Its ability to conduct and modulate electrical signals with remarkable precision holds the promise of enhancing the performance and reliability of these groundbreaking machines. As the dawn of the digital age approaches, Verdant Virestone stands at the forefront of innovation, heralding a new era of technological progress and discovery.
Esoteric Significance:
Beyond its tangible attributes, Verdant Virestone holds profound symbolic and spiritual significance in esoteric traditions. Many ascribe to it metaphysical properties that resonate with the human spirit and the ethereal realms. Associated with the heart chakra, Verdant Virestone is believed to foster inner harmony and spiritual alignment, serving as a conduit for introspection and transformation. As such, practitioners often incorporate it into rituals and meditative practices, harnessing its energies to navigate the intricate labyrinth of the soul.
Verdant Virestone stands as a testament to the Earth’s geological heritage and the timeless allure of rare and exquisite minerals. Whether admired for its natural splendor, cherished for its symbolic resonance, or revered for its mystical properties, Verdant Virestone continues to enthrall generations with its enigmatic presence. As our understanding of its geological origins and metaphysical essence evolves, so too does our reverence for this enduring relic of the Earth’s ancient past.
Encyclopedia of Minerals and Gemstones, Vol. 7, pg. 213, London, 1967.

“Lumicrystal Harmonics: An Objective Analysis of Celestial Melodies

In the realm of auditory sciences, Lumicrystal Harmonics emerges as a field dedicated to the empirical examination of the interactions between sound frequencies and human consciousness, with a particular focus on the properties of lumicrystals. This discipline adopts a methodical approach to unravel the complexities surrounding the influence of specific frequencies on the human body’s energetic centers, known as harmonix, and the potential implications for holistic well-being.

Central to the investigation of Lumicrystal Harmonics are lumicrystals, luminescent gems renowned for their enigmatic properties and radiant vibrations. Among these lumicrystals, Verdant Virestone emerges as a focal point for scientific scrutiny, its verdant hues and distinct energetic resonance prompting meticulous analysis and spectral studies.

Accompanying Verdant Virestone are a plethora of lumicrystals, each characterized by its unique spectral signature and energetic qualities. From the serene frequencies of Celestique to the grounding harmonies of Crystallume, these lumicrystals offer a diverse array of vibrational patterns for systematic exploration and documentation.

The scientific inquiry into Lumicrystal Harmonics entails a rigorous process of observation, experimentation, and data analysis. Researchers meticulously measure and record the spectral profiles of lumicrystal vibrations, correlating them with observable physiological and psychological responses in controlled settings.

Through a detached and objective lens, researchers endeavor to elucidate the underlying mechanisms governing the transformative effects of lumicrystal harmonics on human consciousness and well-being. This approach ensures that findings remain rooted in empirical evidence, free from subjective biases or speculative conjectures.

As the field of Lumicrystal Harmonics progresses, researchers remain committed to advancing our understanding of the intricate interplay between sound frequencies, lumicrystals, and human consciousness. Through steadfast adherence to scientific principles and rigorous scrutiny, they aim to expand the frontiers of knowledge in this burgeoning field, unlocking new insights into the profound harmonies that shape our existence.
In conclusion, Lumicrystal Harmonics represents a disciplined and objective pursuit of knowledge, offering a systematic framework for exploring the transformative potential of celestial melodies. By maintaining a rigorous commitment to empirical observation and analysis, researchers seek to illuminate the intricate dynamics between sound vibrations, lumicrystals, and human consciousness, paving the way for deeper insights into the mysteries of existence.”

Author: Dr. Elara Evergreen. Institute of Auditory Sciences, Lumicrystal Research Division. Emerald City, Arcadia. June 15, 1968

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