Timezones Gaza

Episode 10 of the Timezones podcast series, co-initiated and coproduced by Norient and the Goethe-Institut. This episode features a group of artists from the Gaza Strip, a territory suffering from the Israeli blockade established in 2017. This podcast episode reflects the digital reality of being together as a people and thus sheds light on the enormous challenges of working as a Palestinian artist today.

This slightly different journey will take you to the Gaza Strip – a territory that is 41 kilometers long and between 6 and 12 kilometers wide. A city that is located on the Mediterranean Sea, a coastal city, a city everyone knows from the news. Gaza is not a place that is easy to explore, sealed since 2017 when Israel started the blockade that limits the free movement of two million Palestinians, faced with the ongoing question of proving its existence, of being seen, being heard – and not being forgotten. For Palestinians from other areas, it not possible to enter Gaza, which shapes the reality of not being able to talk in person, to meet, or to work together. An ongoing interruption of a people’s life.

This episode reflects the digital reality of being together as a people – and introduces us to a group of artists, writers, and musicians who came together for six months in a virtual course called «After the Turn». The course was established to conduct a reflective educational online program on contemporary art practice and theory, realized as a result-open digital knowledge platform and a virtual free space under the same name following the end of the course. Catching up with three artists from this group, we listen to their thoughts about work and life and gain a glimpse into their reality.

Sendedatum: 31/03/2022 19:00 - 31/03/2022 20:00


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