Imagining Worlds and Making Meaning With Four Artists From Delhi

Episode 3 of the Timezones podcast series, co-initiated and co-produced by Norient and the Goethe-Institut. In this episode, four contemporary artists with a connection to the city of Delhi reflext upon their diverse and evolving practices.

Heeding to the COVID-19 pandemic, they share observations and open spaces of thought where new meanings and speculative realities are constantly being formed, un-formed and re-formed. The composition interweaves these conversations into fragments of found sound, musical renditions and sonic textures, contemplating the ever-shifting edges of truth, experience, the real, and the fictional.

A podcast by Suvani Suri and Abhishek Mathur

Co-initiated and co-produced by Norient and the Goethe-Institut

Featuring: MochuPallavi PaulGagan SinghSuhail Yusuf Khan

Conceptualisation, Interviews: Abhishek MathurSuvani Suri
Arrangement, Editing, Sound Design: Abhishek MathurSuvani Suri
Additional Mixing: Gaurav Chintamani, Quarter Note Studios
Additional Samples, Recordings: SuhailMochuPallavi
Jingle Voiceover: Nana Akosua Hanson
Mastering: Adi Flück, Centraldubs
Artwork: Šejma Fere

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Sendedatum: 30/06/2022 20:30 - 29/06/2022 21:01


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